Terms and Conditions

For remote training, its website and all its applications, and your use of this platform must be after carefully reviewing all the terms and agreeing to them with all their terms and conditions without any restriction or conditions. Your continued use of this platform in all its forms, requires you to pay attention to any updates that may occur to these terms and conditions in the future, so you should check them regularly. Any links, sites or parties outside the platform that are displayed within the platform by trainers and teachers, the platform does not bear the responsibility or responsibility for visiting by users, as well as the files attached within the courses and the extent of their impact on users’ devices, and the following impact on the privacy of the user by external links or internal files. This site is not allowed to be used by minors, and in the event that those under the age of 18 wish to use it, they must register their account by a parent or legal guardian.
It is prohibited to copy, publish or transmit any of the contents of this site, and each user bears the responsibility of the copy that is presented to him on his account from the free courses or lectures, in a way that exposes him to legal responsibility if he publishes the content displayed to him on the platform.
To start using this platform in all its forms and applications, you must register with it to obtain an account that includes a username and password. Any breach of your account or the devices used for it, bearing in mind that this account will be yours personally, and you may not share it with anyone else, or share any person's account as well.
Your use of this created account is for personal use for personal development, and you are not entitled to use the content displayed on it for any commercial, non-personal, educational or training purposes or even use some of its components for any commercial, media, promotional use or publish it in a voluntary or charitable manner.
Once you register and obtain a personal account, you are entitled to watch any free lectures without any financial obligations, and you have to pay the purchase fees for any paid course on the platform and the resulting taxes or obligations according to the country you are in, and you undertake to provide correct data to your credit card or other of payment methods.

SYNERGY TDC platform features a course fee refund policy to provide the best service to its users, given that the fees paid to the platform are not refundable unless the user / trainee is not satisfied, if he has applied for a refund within 7 days maximum, and has not watched more than 25 % of the course videos, provided that the videos are watched in order from the beginning and not randomly.
The platform has the right to record and photograph any movements that the platform receives from your account, such as comments and evaluations for the purposes of quality control, promotion, and display of how the platform operates, in a way that does not disclose any confidential data for your account.
SYNERGY TDC is not responsible in any way and to any degree for the content uploaded to it, as it is a platform for displaying content and not for its manufacture, and it is thus considered a platform to display this content at the responsibility of its publishers, and does not bear any responsibility such as intellectual property, accuracy, correctness or appropriateness or others.

The platform will attempt to communicate with you electronically through e-mail or any other data available to it in the event that there is a breach of your account or the emergence of any acts of violation of the content or the way of using the platform or abuse electronically, socially or personally or any suspicious act that raises the suspicion of any acts of sabotage or hacking of your account or the device used by you, and until the issue is resolved by you and re-communication with us to settle the issue, the platform has the right to terminate your use of it partially or completely.
The platform does not bear any responsibility for any delay that occurs in the use of its web, in the context of technical problems, periodic maintenance, and reasonable malfunctions that may occur to it, and accordingly the platform does not bear any consequences for any force majeure outside its control or control and impede its work, nor is it responsible It is entitled to remove any content or close the entire platform if necessary or the management of the platform decides without returning to it any claims to compensate for any purchased content.